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The Fusion Of Art And Entertainment With A Sprinkle Of Magic!

The ACTS Agency was created by Meridith Hankenson in 2002 out of her commitment to building something unique. A graduate of Georgetown University, she has worked as a music booking agent for over 20 years. In her early career she noticed that there was a disconnect between the needs of the Performing Arts Centers and the artists. She felt that her creativity, love for music, and organizational skills could create an atmosphere that was absent in many agencies. Her pursuit in establishing a perspicuous determination that quality, professional talent does not need to break the budget of every Performing Arts Center. As a musical curator, spotting and nurturing an wide range of talented artists and focusing on the longevity of their careers, she set out to become a strategic partner for both the artist and buyer. The Agency for Creative Talent Strategies was born.

The ACTS Agency is an independent booking agency devoted not only to the artistic development and vision of its incredibly talented roster of musicians, but to the coordination of the distinct character of each artist to the performance venue that requests them. The ACTS Agency has grown into one of the most innovative leaders in key aspects of the performing arts industry – the synchrinization of budget considerations and incredible talent. The ACTS Agency is committed to the sustainable, long-term success of its artists, performing arts partners and the uncompromizing creativity that is at the heart of the company.

The agency has a history of seeking out and developing alternative artistry, bringing unique and interesting talent into the upper eschelan of Performing Arts quality performances. The ACTS agency also ensures the most beneficial, seamless deals for its artists and creates new opportunities to bring exciting live performances to fans.

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